Redesigned classroom presentation

5.4 Teachers create learning situations in which students work independently, collaboratively or as a whole class. When teachers know all of the different models that are available for the classroom they are enabled to create engaging lessons. The information here allows for situations that can accommodate to all learning environments. Using this power point teachers can learn how to make a classroom that has independent learning, collaborative learning, or entire class learning.


Presentation feedback

7.2 Teachers take responsibility for engaging in continuous, purposeful professional development. As a result of posting the presentation feedback, it allows for other teachers to see how other people reflect on their work. By looking at other people’s feedback on your work it will help other professionals develop their teaching and better educate students. As a result of someone posting feedback they are contributing to other peoples professional development

App Share

6.3 Teachers collaborate effectively with other teachers, administrators and school and district staff. In order to make this presentation all the students in the class had to come together to put information on the slides. By doing this, as a team, we were able to collectivly make a slide show of educational apps for other people to use and learn from