Hi! My name is Shelby Berent and this is my blog! I am a mild-moderate special education with a concentration in reading and language arts at Kent State University. Many assume that a love for reading is why I chose to go into this professions. Though it may have a basis it is far from why I chose my career path. Most do not know that when I was younger I had a hard time when it came to reading. I was always behind in school and always discouraged. Though eventually, I sprinted up to all of my peers when it came to reading and grew a true passion for it. My whole goal in life is to help students who have the same struggles I did when I was younger. When I enter the teaching field my plan is to start teaching middle grades and hopefully give them a new appreciation for reading. Helping students with their reading skills is something I plan to do for a long time. I will, soon after graduating from Kent State, go on to work for my master. I am not completely sure as to what I am going to study for my masters. I do know though it will either be is a specific disability or getting higher credentials in teaching reading.