Lit Trip Reflection

I was very pleasantly surprised by the Google Lit Trip. Upon opening this Lit Trip I was not expecting much, but I found even myself to be enjoying the experience. The lesson was full of interesting information that one would not have read the book and would have likely piqued the interest students. The facts were definitely directed well towards young students. An example of one of these facts, that I also found extremely interesting was one of the amusement parks in Copenhagen was the inspiration Walt Disney used for Disneyland. The Google Lit Trip gave an opportunity for students to tour Copenhagen, Denmark by providing a virtual tour of landmarks within the city. It was extremely engaging watching these tours and reading the fun facts that came with the tours. It gave a sense as if one was really taking a tour in Denmark. I was also happy to see that if a student was curious and wished to learn more about a place in one of the readings there was a hyperlink. This hyperlink would take you to a website that would provide a student with more information. This provides a student with an even more engaging learning environment from anywhere as long as they have a computer and internet access.

The Google Lit Trip would be an amazing tool to have in class. It would be a great source to use for students to explore more about the material they have just read. After reading the book for the assignment students could go through the Google Lit Trip for the book and have a full experience of the book. The students will go through the whole lit trip and write down three of the facts that interested them most. Another task students could use the lit trip for in class is if the book comes with discussion topics pick two discussion topics from two separate chapters and a discussion question that evolves the entire book. The students will write down a few of their opinions and bring them to class for a class discussion. By using the resources provided in the Google Lit Trip it can become a great tool to be used in class.

4.4 Teachers apply knowledge of how students think and learn to instructional design and delivery. This standard applies because students learn well when they are immersed in learning.  This idea shows an understand of student learning because it allows students to be able to learn in a way that they are engaged. By understanding that students want to be engaged this lesson is designed to incorporate that.



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