Digital Learning


Lately, there has been a push for a change in learning. This push is towards more digital learning. More schools are adopting technology in their classroom and using it as a main component. Why is this though?

One big reason for this shift in the way we teach students is how students can customize it to the way that fits them. When there is only one way to learn something teachers are leaving out a huge demographic of students. Even when the classroom is designed to accommodate a large variety of students some could still be left out. Some students may still be disinterested because it was not something of their own creation. Though when students can personalize their education it is a product of their own work. Students are able to see what they have created their own accomplishments. Through this students are further motivated to continue creating.

Also when learning becomes digital it becomes limitless. There are a number of things you can do with digital learning otherwise impossible. When education become digital it also becomes international. Now students can instantly talk to and learn with other students around the world. Students are able to learn from each other from every point of the world and will inadvertently learn about cultures around the world. Though with technology learning is not limited to this world. With technology, students can leave this world. With virtual reality devices, students are able to have experiences out of this world. Students can use these devices to experience things normally thought to be impossible

Another positive attribute of digital learning is being able to learn towards mastery. Commonly in the classroom, there is one pace that students are to learn at. This results in students being bored at the slow pace or students being overwhelmed at the fast pace. Though with digital learning students can learn at their own pace. Now students can speed through things they can easily understand and slow down on subjects they struggle with

There are many ways I want digital learning to affect my personal classroom. My favorite idea of digital learning through is learning towards mastery. While teaching in the special education setting this could be a huge help towards students with special needs. Many times when students with special needs are in an inclusion settings they can become overwhelmed at the pace the class is going. Though if we shift learning to this method all students will benefit and students with special needs can have the time they need and be able to build confidence by having adequate time to learn

For more information on value of digital learning click here

5.3 Teachers motivate students to work productively and assume responsibility for their own learning.  Digital learning facilitates this standard by using working towards mastery. This way students are in charge of the pace of their learning and is responsible for completing their assignments.

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