Blogging in the classroom

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It was not until I came to college that I saw the benefits of blogging. It makes organization such an easy feat. While learning about blogging I saw the benefits it could have in my future classroom.

When blogging it is possible to make a wide variety of people connected in one place. Blogging as a teacher helps you connect with your colleagues, parents, and students. These blogs can be used to inform people on what is occurring in your classroom and enable teachers to receive feedback from a variety of different sources.  Teachers can use their blog to be able to inform parents on the different parts of the classroom, future lessons, classroom objectives, etc. This communication between teacher and parents is going to help students achieve. Now the parents are able to know what is occurring in the classroom and can work with their children alongside it.

These blogs can also be a great help to students with special needs. Many times children with special needs struggle with organization. Students with special needs often lose important worksheets, homework assignments, notes, etc. Many times these students do not write important information down in the classroom. Though putting this information on a blog will benefit these students. Now, this information is all in one place. Students know exactly where they can look for all the information they will need to strive in class. If a student loses something important they know where to look. If a student forgot what the reading assignment was they know where they can find it. Also, if a student struggles to remember instructions they are able to check the instructions several times to be able to complete the classwork. Now students will not feel like a hindrance by having to ask for help several times. They are able to help themselves and create independence. I hope to use all of these ideas in my future classroom to create a learning environment that truly facilitates learning.

Having students use blogs for classroom assignments can also have many beneficial effects. Using the blog in the classroom gives the ability to connect students with a source that they are all comfortable in. Ideas I hope to use in my own class one day is if a child with dyslexia is participating in a classroom discussion this child has time to respond when he/ she is comfortable. This child is going to struggle to come up with a response as quickly as their peers and may feel uncomfortable discussing with their peers. This child now has the ability to respond when they are have had time to think of their response and confident with what they have to say. Also, students who struggle with writing or whose speaking skills far exceed their writing capabilities (i.e dysgraphia) can benefit from using a blog for writing assignments and discussion boards. If these students have voice-to-word software at their disposal they will be able to put out work they otherwise would not have been able to. This will, in the long run, help with students self-image and enable teachers to truly see students understanding of the material at hand.

These are just a few of the many benefits blogging has in the classroom. For some addition benefits of blogging in the classroom, click here and here

7.3 Teachers are agents of change who seek opportunities to positively impact teaching quality, school improvements and student achievement. By using the blog teachers can benefit multiple different aspects of school. Teachers are able to interact and learn from other teachers to improvement their teaching. The teachers can also use the blog to be able to help students achieve by giving them addition tools to learn with through the blog.

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