ULD Iris Model Reflection

There are many ways that the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can be used in the classroom. By using this method it will accommodate for many different types of learners. It will enable students to learn in a way that they find most interesting.

UDL is a way of setting up your classroom that accommodates to a variety of different types of learners. The goal behind UDL is to make sure all students in the classroom are accounted for when providing a lesson. When planning a classroom with UDL in mind there are three guidelines that need to be followed. These three guidelines are representation, action and expression; and engagement. When planning for representation in the classroom the teacher needs to provide multiple ways to perceive the information. There needs to be multiple ways for the students to take in the information such as being able to manipulate the font size on the screen. To make sure there is action and expression in the class the teacher should provide multiple ways to express things in the classroom. For example, teachers should allow the students different ways to communicate in the classroom and different options for executive functioning. The last guideline would be engagement. When fostering engagement teachers should be sure to give students the choice whenever possible. This way the student is choosing what is most engaging to them. Also, teachers should allow the student a chance to self-regulate themselves. Let students be in charge of their own learning.

Some ways that it can be implemented in the classroom is to offer a variety of different ways for students to learn and to do assignments.  Teachers can provide different ways of initially learning the new material. The teacher can provide readings that are either printed or digital. This allows the students to manipulate the text in a way that will best benefit their learning. The students would be able to enlarge texts or easily highlight information so that they can pick out information that they think may be important. One idea that I would definitely use in my own classroom is giving the option to use text or online assessments where they can use voice-to-text converters when assessing material that is not writing skills. This way I would have a full understanding of how my students are understanding the material without having to worry about them being withheld by their struggles in writing.

Using the UDL it will impact a wide variety of learners. It will enable students to be able to work towards the material and show mastery in a way that interests them. This leads to heightened motivation and students taking a hold of their own education. When teachers try their best to provide different ways of showing their learning it sets way to more students being able to show that they are understanding the material. The students are no longer held back by only having material presented to them in one flat way. Instead, now students are being presented information in ways that they can manipulate and form to the way that interests them and helps them learn. By using the UDL model more students will be able to learn and strive.

5.5 Teachers maintain an environment that is conducive to learning for all students. When using UDL the teacher is making sure that all students are able to learn in the classroom. The goal is to make sure that all types of disabilities are being accommodated for so that learning is optimized in the classroom. 


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