EdPuzzle Reflection

While watching the EdPuzzle video I saw there were many benefits of using this sort of quiz within the classroom. This activity could be beneficial when it comes to using a hybrid learning model, using formative assessments in the classroom, and is good when monitoring cognitive load.

EdPuzzle would be a great tool to use when applying a hybrid learning model in the classroom. For example, when using this tool in a flex styled learning the students are cued when to answers. This way they are guided without having to go directly to a teacher. This will help the students be able to guide their own learning while still being structured a led in the right direction.

Though EdPuzzle is not only useful when it comes to hybrid learning; it is also useful for using it for formative assessments. When using these teachers are able to see how well they are paying attention and retaining information throughout the video. The teacher can ask questions that can assess who well the students are understanding the material and if they have an understanding of how to apply the information at hand. Also when using this tool we are able to ask questions that can help further the understanding of the students who are watching the video. Another good way Edpuzzle can be used as formative assessment since there is an option to re-watch a section for a question, the teacher can see which students are not putting forth proper effort to get a question correct.

EdPuzzle will also help when trying to manage the cognitive load that the students are handling. Many times students will have to watch a video all the way through before answering questions or try to answer questions while watching the video. This can lead to students for getting content from the video and struggling to try and find the answer in a long video or being distracted by the video because they are trying to memorize questions so they can look for the answer while watching the video. On the other hand, when using EdPuzzle neither of those issues are a problem. The students are able to watch small parts of the video and then asked a question. This makes it so instead of having to watch a video all the way through if they miss a question they only have to re-watch a small section. This makes it so they no longer have to worry about too many things at one time.

3.3 Analyze data to monitor student progress, & to plan, differentiate, & modify instruction. EdPuzzle goes under this standard because it helps teachers assess what students are understanding. Teachers can look at the result of the quiz and see what students are not understanding or how much progress they have made. By knowing this information teachers can plan a lesson with this information in mind.


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