Design Reflection

There was a plentitude of information is Understanding by Design and Applying the Science of Learning. Both of these two resources provide useful information on scientific methods for teaching. By putting the information gained by both tools teachers will gain useful insight on how to instruct students

In the article, it talks all about the science of learning and the science of instruction. When reading, one will learn all about what to do and not do in the classroom. It gives a useful insight on how to diminish the amounts of extraneous information in the classroom. On the other hand, Understand by design talks about how teachers should deliver lessons is the classroom. The video stresses how teachers should run lesson backward not by content but by understanding. The man talks about how teachers need to focus on applying the material that is learned. He gives the example of a social studies lesson on the Constitution. An educational goal should not be “What does the Constitution entail?” but instead “How does the Consitution affect the past and present?” When reading the article these concepts of understanding are found under the science of instruction section of the article. Under “What is a learning objective?” is where you will see the overlapping of the two resources. The article though expands on the topic and gives a deeper explanation.

Another way these two resources are connected is the videos tell teachers what they should be doing in class, getting deep understand of a subject and increasing critical thinking, while the article teaches us how, as teachers, we are going to advance our students to these deeper levels of understanding. The article provides information on how we will optimize learning while also eliminating extraneous information. While watching the video he explains what understand we should e facilitating. By combining the information gained in both resources it gives the tool to better understand how to best further students in schools.

1.2 Teachers understand what students know and are able to do, and use this knowledge to meet the needs of all students.  This is shown in this blog post through objective setting. In order to make an effective objective, teachers need to have an understanding of what the students are capable of. From there the teacher can set an objective that will meet all students and help progress learning  

Mayer, R. E. (2008). Applying the Science of Learning: EvidenceBased Principles for the Design of Multimedia Instruction. American Psychologist. 


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